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Established in 1980, the Economic Chamber of Greece (E.C.G.) is a legal entity functioning under Public Law with elected administration. It is supervised by the Ministry of National Economy and composes an official Advisor to the Hellenic State on the economic matters.

The Economic Chamber of Greece is based in Athens, but it is also extended all over the Greece through a network of 15 Regional Departments. The Organization is governed by a 15-seat Central Council the members of which are elected for a three-year term.

All the Greek economists, owners of a diploma by the Greek Economic Universities or foreign Universities legally recognized in Greece as equivalent to the Greek Economic Universities, can become registered members of the E.C.G.

The E.C.G. represents more than 85.000 members, working in all the relative professional sectors.

The Economic Chamber of Greece within the framework of its purpose:

  • Aims at the promotion of the economic science.
  • Offering opinion on draft legislation proposed by the Ministry of National Economy or other governmental departments. It also formulates views on its own initiative or after being invited by the legislation that is relevant to the economic and financial matters.
  • Carrying out researches and studies on economic related matters as
    • Accounting Standardization,
    • Economic Education and Training,
    • Taxation Reform,
    • Auditing,
    • Economic Policy etc.
  • Cares for the employment, promotion and protection of the prestige of its members, their scientific progress, information and continuous training and formation.
  • Publishes and distributes free to all its members the informative and scientific bimonthly magazine "OIKONOMICA CHRONICA" (Economic Chronicles). Also publishes various scientific studies in the field of economics.
  • Targets to the simplification of the general economic and financial principles and society's information on the same matters as well.
  • Provides the work permits for the Economic and Accounting professions in Greece.
  • Practises disciplinary power on its members, as it is especially determined by the relevant disposition of the foundation law.


The Economic Chamber of Greece is at your entire disposal for any further information you may require concerning relative matters.

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